Bonus Noise is a stylish music recording studio in Luxembourg, provided with high quality equipment from leading makers including Neumann, AKG, Sontronics, Sennheiser, TL Audio Valve Console, Fender, Roland, Ashdown, Ludwig and many more… Our services include any type of recording, voice overs, sound design, custom compositions, mastering and much more. Simply contact us for more information!


1x Neumann TLM 49

2x Neumann Km184

1x Townsend Sphere L22

1x Sontronics Sigma

2x Electro Voice R-20

1x Akg C-451

1x Akg D-112

1x Akg C-12

1x Akg D880

1x Beyerdynamic M88TG

1x Sennheiser MD-441

1x Sennheiser MD-421

1x Sennheiser e-906

1x Shure Sm-81

4x Shure Sm-57

2x Shure Sm-58

1x Shure Pg-56

1x Shure c606

1x Mxl v67

1x T-bone Sc450

And many more…

Control Room

TL Audio Tubetracker M1

2x KRK VXT 8

Apogee Rosetta 800

Universal Audio Apollo x8

2x Warm Audio WA 12

Empirical Labs Fatso – Kush Audio mod

IGS Audio – Rubber Bands Mastering EQ

Arsenal Audio by API EQ-24

WA76 Limiting Amplifier by Warm Audio


Dbx 166XL

003 Rack +


Pro-tools 10

Logic Pro

Ableton Live

SoundToys Plug ins

Waves 9 Plug ins

East-West Symphonic Orchestra Silver

Arturia V-Collection Synths



Ludwig 26″ John Bohnham Kit

Ludwig LM 402 14″ Snare

Premier Project one 14″ Snare

Tama 22″ Starclassic Kit

Sonor 22″ Kit

And a whole bunch of other stuff


Fender classic 69 Thinline Telecaster

Epiphone Casino

Epiphone Les Paul Custom

Fender Mustang Bass

Fender Hotrod, Marshall and Ashdown Amplifiers

And a wide ranging pedal effects selection


Nord Electro 4D

Roland Juno 106

Roland E-Piano

Korg R3

Not too forget the whole bunch of shakers, bells, bongo’s, cowbells, tambourines flutes and other oddities which are of course also at your disposal!

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