Bonus Noise Records

Welcome to Bonus Noise Records

Independent music publishing since 2009. The Bonus Noise Record Label has facilitated the release of a wide number of EPs and albums, crossing genres, featuring over 10 independent artists.  

In The Atlas

Open up the Atlas and take a tour of astral indie infused pop rock that packs a melodic punch. Only formed in 2016, Bonus Noise is proud to support this young 4 piece band with their debut releases 'To The Moon" and 'Looking for Your Eyes'.

Edwin Aldin

The Album 'Elegance of Solitude', composed of instrumental piano pieces was released through Bonus Noise Records this March. Find some previews on our youtube channel or find it on all major online stores!

Fog Digging Sessions

3rd full length LP 'The Fog Is Strong With This One' out now!! MANIFESTO ◊■◆●◗☛☞☚☜ Every track recorded live. No Click. No premeditated ideas. No white horse. All lyrics based on recent events. Walk into Bonus Noise Studios with nothing but our hats and get straight to it. Dun noe? Get to know.

Charlotte Bridge

Bonus Noise records is proud to present Charlotte's debut EP! Dreamy pop sounds from an Italian Origin. Ex-singer from 'Talk to Me', Charlotte Bridge launched her solo project in 2014. After releasing 'Fears, Hopes and Maps' in collaboration with Edwin Aldin, her debut video single and EP are out now!


Lumi. The cold late winter of 2009. Three people's gladsome sighs and sights froze together uner this name. A pseudonym for the feeling of the cold and being consumed by the dark, whilst at the same time representing the sweltering merger of their visions. A snowball fusion of retro-indie pop with a hint of disco and a touch of nostalgic soundscapes. The breezy dark sound of winter covered with a warm glow of the anticipation for spring.

Edwin Aldin & Charlotte Bridge

Born out of the collaboration of two of our featured artists; Edwin Aldin and Charlotte Bridge, Bonus Noise Records is proud to present their debut album "Fears, Hopes and Maps". A fusion of synth pop and acoustic delight, analog reverie and electronic loops.

Boy King

Surf-Wave Hip Hop Hailing from the Sunny San Fransisco. You. Know. Whats. Up.

Emina Helena

A piano, a guitar and a whole lot of synchronized waves of brain activity. Singer songwriter and classical pianist. Her debut EP 'Moonling' is expected for release in early 2017.

The Fitness

Scandalous comedy punk rockers. Get your wife-beaters and grow a mustache. In between short films and comedy, The Fitness will kick you in the face with dirty guitar sounds.

The Color of Art

The concept of the whole project is to attempt to bring people closer to their emotions. One could say the message is to “Create something new and something personal. The most important thing is that you recognize yourself and your emotions in the art you create."


LUARA is the musical lovechild of Elliott Arndt.